When a Dog With No Front Legs Runs Away With Her 1st Pair of Prosthesis, the Owner Becomes Emotional.


At the Texas-based Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch, everyone is made to feel loved and accepted.

tenacious survivor

That's because the farm's animals either have particular needs of their own or are surviving victims of abuse and neglect.

Thus when Harper Wulms, a little child with a congenital hand malformation, visits the farms, meeting a rescued turkey with a "lucky claw" like Priscilla can have a therapeutic effect.

According to Jaime Wallace-Griner, the sanctuary's founder, "Seeing a young child come out and declare, "They're just like me," while having differences, is quite fantastic. The sight of her clutching Priscilla's lucky hand in her own lucky palm simply melts Harper's heart.

a facility for animals with particular needs

animals who could otherwise have been abandoned or put to death.

We have animals who are blind or deaf, have diabetes, cerebral palsy, deformities, missing limbs, broken spines, and more. They all become a part of our family, Wallace-Griner continued.

Presenting Halo

At the sanctuary, you might run into animals like Halo, a Great Pyrenees puppy.

Breeder Halo was placed in a crate after deciding her couldn't be used.

Fortunately, Wallace-Griner was able to save Halo and properly care for him.

Halo finally required the amputation of her hind limb and the reconstruction of her front two.

same as everyone else

Yet, Wallace-Griner remarked that she didn't seem to be aware of her distinctions from the other dogs.

She's been a pleasant, upbeat girl her entire life.

legs that are new

Prior to receiving a set of OrthoPets prosthetic legs, Halo used to get about by hopping.

The first time she utilized her new legs, the cutest thing happened.

"I don't know where to start," I can't believe it "Wallace-Griner made a Facebook post.


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