She just wanted to make friends but this is the result she got


I came into contact with Amora, a stray dog, in a bad situation. Because of his kindness, the monsters opened fire on him. She was waving her tail at them and didn't know what she was thinking.

This is not what she had in mind when she set out to do. Her humiliation was severe. A large gash went down her neck, and her jaw was broken into a number of little fragments.

the muzzle and the body's skin both contained bullet fragments. The fact that no one came to her aid when she was discovered to have a dangerous bone in her stomach really aggravates me.

On the second, they discovered a dog who was hurt and was pleading for assistance while standing in a watery puddle. It took over three hours to perform Amora's wound surgery.

On day three, she had a second procedure to mend a broken bone. She underwent an esophagectomy as well as jaw reinforcement. She had been given a lot of medicines, but she was still in a lot of pain.

In order to improve her blood circulation, the doctor advised exercise. The pain syndrome and severe purulent irritation of the oral cavity were our problems. At this time, we still need to routinely administer painkillers through the vein. Every time she feels down, we cheer her up and crack jokes with her. She didn't appear to be content with anything, though.

The building has been taken down and is no longer useful after 30 days. The jaw stayed fixed, though, making movement rather easy.The physician predicted that he will be able to eat once more in about a month.

She was able to feed herself after 2 months, the esophageal tumor was treated, and what was even better was that they were able to release us the following day.

There were no longer any problems or obstacles. The doctors' dedication deserves us respect. Everyone at the veterinarian was in awe of her transformation.

On the point of passing away, Amora was in agony. She nonetheless maintains her faith in humanity, and ever then, she has experienced a wealth of love and joy.


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