Owner Brought Her To Be Put Down, But Her Purple Fur Hide A Dark Story Behind It


When Dr. Karri, an experienced veterinarian at the "Vet Ranch" animal clinic, saw Violet, a small puppy with several bite marks and purple fur, she was utterly terrified. According to Violet's owner, a larger dog mauled Violet when she surrendered her for euthanasia.

Many bait dogs are said to be purple before being used to train combat canines. The purple fur, according to Violet's owner, was brought on by a purple wound spray that was applied to her soon after she was mauled. Violet's wounds, however, festered for weeks due to medical negligence, bringing her closer to passing away.

Dr. Karri guides us through Violet's rigorous medical care in this enlightening video. Violet has a difficult healing process as the veterinarian treats her several infections and abscesses with potent painkillers and medications. After 12 days of careful monitoring, Violet has finally emerged from the septic stage!

Violet's initial dejected and forlorn demeanor makes the dog's joyful run at the end all the more pleasant. When she is in Dr. Karri's arms, she can hardly control the grins of gratitude!

As soon as Violet was fully recovered, she was adopted. She lives with her new mother Kelly and her identically sized Jack Russell dog sibling, Peanut. Dr. Karri, I appreciate you making Violet's life more bearable.

The video below shows how great of a miracle worker Dr. Karri is for Violet!


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