The Wonderful Woman Convinced The Sad Pregnant Dog Under The Truck


The iPittytheBull Foundation received a message about a dog that had been rescued from under a car and that they thought was pregnant, according to Animal Rescue.

Despite her high level of fear, Bri was able to gain her trust enough for her to come out and allow her to get into her car. She immediately left and went for a checkup at the veterinarian.

With several open wounds, she is in a bad condition. All of them thought she was pregnant when they got to the veterinarian, but when they saw the x-rays, they realized she wasn't.

With the hopes of performing another x-ray the following day and getting a better image, she is currently receiving fluids and antibiotics. On her lungs, she sustained contusions. Also, due to possible tears in her intestines, she was in danger of being put down. She absolutely needs a blood transfusion as her blood level is critically low.

Due to the fact that they will assist in getting Stella's groove back, Bri decided to call her Stella. Maybe for the first time in her life, she was given a lovely bed with an even softer blanket.

Her recovery and removal from the horrible environment she came from are the current goals.

Oops Stella You've just wriggled your way into all of our hearts, that's all. You have our undying love.

Following her adoption by an amazing mother, Stella is enjoying a nice life. For helping and caring for this angel, we are grateful to the iPittytheBull Foundation.


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