Severely Burned Pitbull Defied The Odds And Now He Loves Life


Justice the Pit Bull, like most dogs, is much more than first appears. He doesn't look like your usual dog, but it doesn't make him any less beautiful in his own unique manner. It was not his fault at all that he had a tough start in life. Poor Justice endured abuse and was left to fend for himself, but he eventually made it to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter where he managed to live and survive. At the shelter, he attained his goal of understanding what it meant to be cherished and treated with deference. In this moment, Justice is living her best life against all the odds. The only thing he wants is for his horrific abusers to be held accountable for what they did.

Contrary to the Odds

In 2018, Indiana's streets became the scene of a discovery of justice. He had received serious chemical burns when he was about two years old, which seemed to be intentional. It was only by some miracle that he managed to live alone for a little while.

Justice was given the proper medical attention right away by the gang. He needed bandaging at first. Afterwards, portions of his fur began to grow back slowly but surely as his skin began to recover. It's okay even though he won't ever look the same as he did before the tragedy. He is loved for who he is by the personnel at the shelter, and it turns out that everyone else feels the same way.

Jessica Lynch, a veterinarian, recalled that at first, "he was really depressed." Certainly, he has made progress. He now demonstrates much more character. Right now, he's a very cheerful, vivacious young man.

After undergoing treatment and training for over a year, Justice was ready to be put for adoption. People had already gathered on the streets to adopt him, even from distant states and nations! But the shelter would only accept applications from candidates who lived within a 100-mile radius because the vets wanted to be close by in case Justice ever needed additional care.

The New Life of Justice

Justice, as was to be expected, settled into his new environment very quickly. On the shelter's social media, where he has a considerable following, his parents continue to provide information about him. They've made it quite evident that the lovely dog is now relishing life despite all he's been through.

Due to his challenging past, training Justice wasn't easy. His stubbornness and resistance to being told what to do were frequent traits. Because of this, he tirelessly trained for more than a year under the tutelage of a great dog trainer named Lexi. He eventually fell in love with her, and as a result, he has become lot more obedient. She tells Lexi that Justice only needs one more training session.

Justice notices a growing sense of comfort in his home every day. Compared to before, he is lot more affectionate, and he even craves belly rubs from his loving parents. Despite the fact that rolling over may appear trivial, most dogs regard it as a sign of vulnerability. By allowing someone to stroke his tummy, Justice shows that he truly believes in people. He's certain that while he's with them, he won't feel any more discomfort.

Truth for truth

From the beginning, the shelter made a conscious effort to track down those who had abused Justice. When it first started at $5,000, the reward for this person's conviction has gone up to a total of $20,000 now.

Although there are still unresolved cases, the shelter has benefited from several anonymous tips. They tracked down the previous proprietor of Justice, who was known by the name "Roscoe" at the time. When the claimant claims they handed Justice away before the occurrence, it's uncertain whether or not they're telling the truth. Unfortunately, in neither instance is there sufficient proof to find someone guilty of this horrible act.

If you know anything about Justice's status, kindly get in touch with Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. As quickly as possible, he must be held responsible for the horrible person who injured him.


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