Travolta, a sick and malnourished pup, discovers a life-saving home with the vet who nursed him back to health.


Less than two months after an Uber driver found him barely alive, Travolta is now wearing matching sweaters with his adoptive mother.

When an almost dead dog, suffering from malnutrition, showed up at a Kentucky veterinary clinic a few months ago, the staff members in the emergency room thought of a suitable name right away.

Can we name him Travolta? inquired a receptionist to Emily Bewley, DVM, who happened to be working that day. since this man is managing to survive.

Just as Travolta stayed close to Bewley—the man who helped him survive—the Saturday Night Fever star rose to fame. After being adopted by her on Valentine's Day last week, the energetic puppy is now living a full life at home with his siblings, both human and animal, and dressing in similar clothes with his mother.

"He lived up to his moniker," Bewley said. Travolta's ability to find Bewley is very incredible. As the skinny, undernourished dog lay by the side of the road, an Uber driver saw him, picked him up, and took him to Jefferson Animal Hospital in Louisville.

Bewley, a staff veterinarian from the Kentucky Humane Society who works at the hospital on weekends, signed him under her name because he had no owner. Particularly in poor condition was Travolta. Feces had matted his fur, and maggots were hiding all over his body. Besides, Bewley said, he got several infections, one of which being a significant one around his menstrual area.

According to the humane society, he was only approximately fourteen pounds, when he should have weighed about thirty pounds. His muscles had all but vanished, leaving him unable to stand or raise his head. According to Bewley, he was probably two days away from dying.

No one knows how he got there, she says.

Bewley and the veterinary team got to work. Not much surgery was needed for Travolta, who was roughly a year old, but he did need cleaning, antibiotics, and an IV drip. He was treated with medicines for liver issues and anemia. He started eating and drinking water again, albeit in little amounts at first to help his body adjust to absorbing nutrients once more.

That night, he and Bewley went home together for the first of many times. He was starting to put on a steady amount of healthy weight, and many people offered to foster him. Still, Bewley kept coming up with excuses to keep him around. She says, "In my opinion, nothing was sufficient for Travolta."

Other than her! She saw how well he got along with her three children and other pets, and decided to adopt him. At last, the incredibly goofy dog, who loves treats, cuddles, and Ewok noises, has found his forever home. His bigger dog brothers also partake in the festivities.

He is so entitled to an entire wardrobe of custom-made sweaters, one of which will have his mother's tie-dye pattern.

If Travolta's story teaches us anything, it's to be proactive and help others when you can, just like the Uber driver did. Giving, volunteering, and fostering are a few instances. Bewley proclaims.

"Miracle things can happen when you step in to help someone else.


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