The three-legged dog looked at me with pleading eyes, silently urging me to take them away, seeking refuge and compassion.


We shed tears reading about this mother dog. Her family experienced harassment from bigger dogs when she was just a month old. Not even she survived, losing a leg.

Her house was built by kind people in This is  commercial district where she gave birth. There were frequently unsafe cars coming and going from the site. She was quite skinny and just ate the food that acquaintances gave her.

As a stranger, I piqued the puppies' curiosity. They had no idea how much their lives would be impacted by this experience.

The name I came up with for the mother dog was Naida. The puppies were rather plump, but she gave them exceptional care. For her puppies, she gave the finest.

They were all tested by us, and they all passed.When they searched for Naida throughout her examinations, they sobbed. The mother dog, Naida, is only 7.8 kg in weight. In addition, she had mastitis and was quite tired. She also carries the parasite infection piroplasmosis.

Both vaccines and dewormings were given to the puppies. However, their mothers had to be parted from them.They would receive excellent care while they looked for a new place to live.

Their new life was entirely foreign to them. They'd gotten new friends and a nicer bed. They were quite pleased with the cuisine here.

Naida longed for her offspring.We were supposed to meet the puppies. She was not allowed to nurse the puppies, though, because she is taking antibiotics.

For the first time in her life, she felt fantastic. To remove all the filth, she took two showers. Her skin was dry, her fur was frizzed out, and she was eager to play with the puppies.

After a month at the veterinarian, we came home. Naida was well and completely healed. Some puppies had come into their own. Naida stayed with us and was lovingly adopted; no one else wants to adopt a tripod dog like her, so I take care of her.

She also has amazing friends here, and they all play together. She plays in the large fields for the whole day. For a dog such as she is, everything is fantasy.

Because she had enough nutrition, she has also gained weight. She runs just as fast as most dogs do.Nothing makes me happier than these little things.


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