Officer Saves Freezing Dog Struggling To Survive, But That's Not Even The Best Part Of The Rescue


After witnessing his incredible rescue on television, a woman decided to give a stray dog that was on the verge of drowning in Lake Michigan's frigid waters a forever home.

The white dog—now called Michigan—was watching a passerby as he struggled to survive when he slipped through the lake's ice. The moment she dialed 911, the police arrived on the spot to save the dog.

While the Wisconsin Humane Society worked to find Michigan's owners, he recovered from hypothermia.

When it became apparent that Michigan's prior owners were not stepping forward to claim him, a large number of people applied to adopt him.

The Wisconsin Humane Society selected Brenda Thompson to be Michigan's new mother after going through hundreds of applications. Brenda claimed that she went to the shelter right away after seeing him in the press.

"I came right here after throwing on some clothes. She tells TMJ4, "I was here pretty much every day since I watched that news.

She's going to make sure they have a good start now that she has formally adopted him.

Brenda explains, "My first plan is to take him for a long, leisurely walk." "He has his entire bed done up. There are toys and bowls waiting for him. He's ready to go. I believe that a wonderful friendship is just getting started.

Brenda adopted a black Lab after Hurricane Katrina, so Michigan will also have a sister.

See Brenda arrive to the shelter to retrieve Michigan, then tell your friends and family about his happy ending!

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