Man Buys A Farm To Make It Sanctuary For 23 Dogs, 46 Seagulls, 3 Cats And Other Animals


Introducing Mert Akok, a Turkish man who has devoted his life to aiding animals in need. Mert is a true hero. What we're about to share may surprise you if you still find it hard to believe what it does.

Only rescued stray animals are purchased by this man as a farm. In addition to numerous cats, donkeys, goats, and birds, his private sanctuary is home to over twenty canines.

In addition, Mert tends to these creatures because he is aware that he cannot leave them on the farm alone. A guy always provides the finest love and care he can afford for them because they can be ill, abandoned, or abused before they make it to his sanctuary. See these pictures every day that show Mert visiting his animals.

Mert is a successful businessman who runs a consulting firm. The man consistently donates his spare time to aiding homeless animals, even with his heavy workload.

Explaining his "obsession" with animal rescue, Mert feels that this is his vocation. He is aware that the likelihood of an animal—especially a household pet—not surviving if left alone in the wild is high. He cannot ignore them, and they need his assistance.

From the forests and junkyards, Mert started rearing dogs. When these tusks grew to five, the guy made the decision to relocate them to the village farm, which was a bigger area. Then he began adopting additional creatures, including cats, horses, and birds.

On my farm, I have ten to twenty dogs. Save them from the countryside, woods, and junkyards outside of the city. I'm looking for places for them to live. I will always carry some of them with me. in particular the ill and old. Nobody wishes to take it up. I also recently adopted a young donkey and have 46 handicapped seagulls, a blind horse, three geese (they have a long history), and three cats. I have 23 dogs at the moment. "The majority of them are either old or crippled," he said to Bored Panda.

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