His Only Fault Is That He’s Being A Pitbull, Dog Gets Shot Ends Up Losing Both Right Limbs


Pit bull 50 was created to serve the needs of others. When a generous family saved his mother, she was expecting a child. From among his littermates, Fifty was ultimately chosen by the family.

The happy puppy was enjoying life with his owners and Izzy's doggie sibling when the unexpected happened.

When he saw Fifty, a patrolling police grew worried and shot him in both of his right limbs. Since Fifty was a kind and gentle dog, this was a prime example of Pit Bull prejudice.

But this awful tragedy changed his life forever, and the poor canine had both his right legs amputated from gunshot wounds.

When his world was once again turned upside down, Fifty was only beginning to learn how to balance on his two surviving legs. This time, their owners were forced to give Fifty and Izzy to the shelter after losing their home as a result of the recession. Fifty was left in a precarious position after losing the one constant in his life.

Fifty found his inner light during this challenging and unsettling time in his life. He vowed to fight his way back up and refused to accept that he was a victim of his circumstances.

He would initially support himself by leaning against walls before repeatedly falling. Thanks to his persistent commitment and determination, he soon recovered his regular ability to run and walk.

Fifty has got his cherished forever home after spending nine months at the shelter reestablishing himself.

He made a promise to always be a nice kid to his new brothers and humans, with whom he fell in love right away. He adapted to his new life, which was filled with fun activities and snuggle times.

The opportunity to be the ideal foster brother to other unhappy creatures like himself has been seized by Fifty because his adoptive parents routinely foster dogs in need.

Fifty is a remarkable survivor who manages to stand strong despite his infirmity and the numerous setbacks life has dealt him.

Let's honor the heroic tale of this underdog and show that Pit Bulls are much more than just a "hated breed."

See how Fifty, who was standing on two left legs, suddenly recovered in the video below.

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