Compassionate Woman Rescues Injured Dog from Mountain, Embarks on a 7-Mile Journey to Seek Aid


Unaware that their difficult trek up an Idaho mountain would culminate in Tia Vargas' heroic rescue of an injured dog named Boomer, she headed out with her 76-year-old father on a grueling trip.

After walking for around three hours across the snow-covered mountainous terrain, the two stumbled upon a scared springer spaniel. A family of newcomers to the region with kids on their backs was following the dog.

With the dog's welfare on their minds and its owner's whereabouts unknown, the group was at a loss on what to do. They suspected this was the lost dog described in a post at the trailhead since it had a collar bearing the name "Boomer."

After examining Boomer more closely, Tia and her father saw that she had suffered serious injuries and was regrettably unable to move. This loving puppy was obviously headed for a terrible end after being left in the forest. According to Tia, "his eyes were swollen and bloodshot." "His hindquarters were included in the swollen portion of his body." Along with wounds and bruises on his head and stomach, he was dehydrated. It was vital that he recover.

Even though the hike had been very taxing, Tia had gone back multiple times to help her father negotiate the difficult terrain. Upon reaching the crest, close to Boomer's discovery, she was exhausted. Leaving the injured puppy behind was too much for her to bear. That's when Tia decided to take Boomer out of the mountains and into safety.

With amazing determination, Tia helped her father down the steep path while carrying the 55-pound dog on her shoulders. As difficult as they had anticipated, their assignment turned out to be. Because the path was blocked by snow and debris, officials had advised them not to use it. Tia tried to drag Boomer down the mountain, but nobody was ready to help. Her emotional fortitude came from her father, who supported her throughout.

"I was laughing when he told a joke," Tia remarked. I assured myself that I was alright. Yes, I am capable. Thus, I prayed a little before going to get Boomer. I had the impression that someone had materialized behind me and removed my load.

Boomer's happy owners were reunited with him when Tia reached the foot of the mountain six hours and seven miles later. With his family in complete dismay, Boomer had fallen 200 feet into a 100-foot snow fissure. He was nowhere to be located, even though they had pursued him.

Boomer's safety brought Tia great satisfaction, so the family expressed their gratitude and revealed something unexpected to her. In search of a new place for Boomer to live, they were getting ready to move. Seeing Tia's valiant efforts to save their puppy made them question if she would ever think about adopting their own.

Full of grace, Tia accepted the offer, feeling that fate had guided her to Boomer at the top of the mountain. Since their happy and thankful relationship began with an accidental meeting on a strenuous mountain hike, Tia has taken on the role of Boomer's devoted new owner.


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