Abandoned Dog About To Be Euthanized Clings To Her Stuffed Animal In Great Fear,


With her old family having abandoned her in a shelter, this unfortunate dog's sole remembrance of them was the plush animal. She was left in a corner, clutching her toy, with no notion why she had been left there.

She was about to be put to death, which made her final moments of life the saddest thing. Knowing she was close to death, it is tragic that this defenseless pit bull was left on her own at a shelter.

Unconditional love, safety, and a lifelong home should have been what her family had to provide. It's not appropriate to treat a dog adopted as a toy; they are enormously responsible. People who are animal lovers will never be able to comprehend this. For the most ridiculous of reasons, poor pets often end up in very poor shelters.

Dog and teddy left behind by a family

Though it shouldn't ever be an excuse to "throw" a dog away, elderly canines might occasionally experience abandonment. Occasionally, it is due to the canines' unruly or maladaptive behavior. Regardless of the cause, adopting is a promise that shouldn't be broken, not a reason to harbour regrets about it.

A kid rescue organization called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, whose co-founder Jackie O'Sullivan claims to have known Layla, a small pit bull mix, since childhood, believes that she was "too much for them." animal strays, deserted, or abused Layla is upset and has only her stuffed animal for solace. They feel that they ought to have given it more careful thought before adopting her.

According to notes her owner left, having five kids and two dogs was too much for her. Shelter workers heard these statements. It seems that she reached her breaking point and decided that their dog count was sufficient. That was truly horrible; people ought to think things through more carefully before passing judgement.

As per the shelter's Facebook post, Layla was the one guarding the family's two- and seven-year-old children since she truly loved them. In addition, she was left alone, afraid, and perplexed about what had happened to everyone who should have known better than to forsake her when her family did. She just had her teddy animal to remind her of them.

And sure enough, his plush animal was the one thing that seemed to calm him down. In search of some solace, she showed him around. Furthermore, since it has been decided that she needs to be put to sleep, she is running out of time. For Layla and all other dogs of her breed that are being refused a chance at life simply because they are pit bulls, they wish to raise awareness. To promote conscientious adoption, they hope to increase consciousness.


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