“We will reunite in the next life” – A 16-year-old dog spent its final hours with its family before taking its last breath


This family, who had to bid their 16-year-old pet dog farewell for the last time, knows how difficult it can be to lose a pet.

Okey passed away in February of last year after having lived with his family for the preceding 16 years. His lovely grin and endearing demeanor won everyone over even in his final hours.

Before he passed away, Okey's owner recorded a video of him holding him as he lay in the arms of the young child, surrounded by his family.

Okey still responded to his mother and nodded in contentment when she sang him a sweet lullaby, even though he didn't have the power he previously did.

A short while after the mother praised him for spending nearly 20 years with their family, Okey passed away.

Okey leaving them permanently shattered the young boy and his family's hearts, but they understood that it was necessary.

16-year-old Okey was ill for two years and spent some of that time in the hospital.

Okey could not be helped, sadly, and nothing could be done to change that.

The old dog was then brought home by his family to spend his final days with the ones he loved the most.

They did not expect Okey to leave them so soon, despite the fact that he was frequently ill.

It was obvious that Okey was about to depart from them as the young kid cradled his small body in his arms.

Okey had the good fortune to die next to his loved ones.

When the video was posted to YouTube in March, it immediately received 1.72 million views from people wishing to express their condolences and sympathy to the family for losing their cherished pet dog.

Okey and his family had to say a painful goodbye, but they were aware that it wasn't the end.

"I'm glad you came by. Eventually, we'll run into each other again.

This is where you may watch Okey's dying moments.


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