The man who sold his home to pay the $24,000 veterinary bill for his pet showed his devotion and boundless love for his dear companion


Anyone who has ever experienced a veterinary emergency with their cherished, four-legged best friend is aware of how costly and upsetting the entire ordeal is.

One doggy dad declared he was prepared to take unconventional measures in order to preserve the life of his daughter when he was faced with veterinary expenses that would total just about $24,000.

Rambo, a Weimaraner puppy who is two years old, is Jaxon's son. Rambo experienced hypovolemic shock, a condition in which her heart was unable to deliver blood to the rest of her body for reasons that are still unknown. In addition, she had gastroenteritis, sometimes known as the stomach flu.

Rambo's father said that she started throwing up more than 30 times during the course of the night, and by Saturday morning, we were at the emergency vet.

Her health swiftly deteriorated as a result, as you may have imagined, and it was unclear how long she would need to receive medical care. Her pneumonia was brought on by fluid leakage into her lungs in addition to hypovolemic shock and digestive problems. even had a collapse of one lung.

Her life was ultimately spared by being at the emergency vet clinic, where she was under 24-hour observation, although being there cost more than £1000 ($1200 USD) every day. Rambo's insurance would have paid up to £6500 ($7,800), but after just one week in their care, the total cost had risen to $11,500 ($13,800).

To try and raise money for Rambo's essential care, Jaxon set up a gofundme website. In fact, he made it clear that he was prepared to "sell his house."

If the worst happens and Rambo needs major surgery, I need to be able to afford it and provide for my precious baby girl, Jaxon continued.

Because he didn't want to be too far from his precious newborn girl, her father became so terrified that he began to sleep in the automobile he had parked close to the veterinarian. But besides the fact that more than 600 people contributed, bringing the total funded up to £10,000 ($12,000), Rambo responded to less invasive treatments, allowing them to forgo surgery entirely.

"My little angel is still in need of a lot of medication and needs to be closely monitored around-the-clock at this time. It will be a long road to recovery for her. Still, we followed through on our promises and returned home, said Jaxon.

Rambo began to recover miraculously as a result of the love, encouragement, and excellent care he received. She was ultimately discharged from the hospital after two grueling weeks and was able to go home with her loving father.


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