Man Approaches His Lost Dog Of Three Years,And The Dog Starts Crying Tears Of Joy


Three years ago, Giorgi Berejiani's dog, Jorge, disappeared from his Tbilisi, Georgia, home. He searched everywhere for his dearest friend. He continued to hold out hope even as the days turned into months and the months into years.

But eventually, all of his efforts would be worthwhile. A stray dog that matched Jorge's description was seen by employees at a local business, who immediately phoned Giorgi just in case. They were very certain it was the dog despite the fact that the city had tagged him to show he was a stray.

In a hurry, Giorgi went to the area to investigate and went up to the dog that was laying by the tree. You can hear the man addressing the dog in the footage that follows. The dog suddenly starts crying happy tears, and Giorgi immediately realized it was truly him.

They finally got back together three years later. They both burst into tears, showing that they were equally pleased to be back together.

Giorgi said, "I'm so happy," to The Dodo. "I have never seen him happier," I said.

Their respective broken hearts were mend at that precise instant. Nobody is sure how the dog managed to live on the streets by himself for so long, but perhaps he was motivated by the prospect of one day finding his owner. 


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