Little Boy Adopts Oldest Unwanted Dog From Shelter, Makes Him Happy Until His Last Days


Nobody can fathom why some people would uproot and discard their animals. Shey, the family's dog, was abandoned at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa when the family relocated.

Despite having almost no teeth, being half blind and deaf, and being 14 years old, the miniature poodle waited patiently for adoption for the following four months.

Tristan, a little boy, didn't seem to care about any of that, though. He asked for a cuddly puppy when the little boy got to the shelter. The shelter workers, who are friendly and welcoming, introduced him to Shey.

The dog's illness necessitates specific attention, which Tristan was also made aware of. Then, after recognizing he could take care of Shey, Tristan made the choice to adopt him.

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