Dramatic Moment: Dog’s Agonizing Cry as Thorns Overwhelm Its Mouth


In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the owner of the dog named Thor found it pierced with several quills. The golden brown dog's muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs were covered in a thick layer of yellow quills, as shown in the photos.

When Adriano Bertoline, an unemployed man, was unable to pay a vet bill, he started an internet plea for help.

Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a councilman from the area, stepped in to help, driving Thor to the hospital and helping with the costs.

Three-year-old Thor is rumored to have engaged in a second battle with a porcupine in a year, suffering horrible injuries.

Thor was impaled with porcupine quills when Bertoline discovered him, and she appealed for assistance to have him cured online.

He wrote on Twitter, "Good morning, everybody." The condition of my dog when I got up this morning was shocking. Can he get care from a hospital or a vet? I fear I won't be able to pay.

The dog owner's request was recognized by a council member, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, who made the decision to help.

Adriano wrote on Facebook, "Dr. Apolari was a blessing in my dog's life because I couldn't afford a private vet." I currently don't have a job, and I'm a mother of four.

Adriano claims that the councilor brought Thor home after bringing the dog to the vet's office and helping with the costs.

This is the canine's second run-in with a porcupine in the past 12 months, according to Thor's owner.

The injured dog was helped by Adriano's friend in February 2021 who was then employed by a private veterinarian clinic.

After the dog's attack, it was not immediately clear how the porcupine was doing.


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