Dog Who Was Abused Deserves Every Moment Of His Healing Bath


Rudy the Pit Bull is the kind of person who merits a relaxing bath. In November, after being found abandoned in a plastic bucket and in bad health, he entered a shelter in New York City. He had very little hair, and his skin was destroyed, probably from battery acid burns and several cigarette burns, leaving him with horrific scars.

His front limb was severely broken, making it impossible for him to walk. His Cushings Disease, which went undetected, worsens his already dire situation.

The director of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR), Courtney Bellew, was contacted by the local shelter for assistance and she dispatched the Northeast division to rescue the animal. Courtney's heart was broken by what she saw with Rudy, despite the fact that she is used to caring for animals with grave illnesses. He was in such bad shape, she refused to take pictures of his front limb, she told the Huffington Post.

Emotionally, Rudy was also shattered. The charity wrote on Facebook, "It is a miracle this shattered youngster survived." Rudy was grateful and nothing but a lovebug the moment we saved him, except for the fact that he was utterly terrified and suspicious of a good human touch.

Heavily medicated baths are one thing that have greatly helped Rudy.

Rudy's particular spa treatments, which are assisting in his skin and fur healing, are shown in a video that the charity posted online.

Fortunately, his foster parents are vets and can provide him with all the medical attention he needs while he heals. They also own a beautiful New England farm house where he may be surrounded by love and have his soul mend. Harold the lamb, kids, dogs, cats, and barn animals are all part of his social circle.

Rudy has a way of instantly capturing your heart when he looks at you, according to Courtney, who spoke to HuffPost. "Rudy's eyes are full of love and optimism," she said. "As you could see from his spa visits, he has always enjoyed being pampered and still does. I'm just incredibly happy that we can provide him with a respectable existence.

They did so right up to his demise, showing him how to live well. I recently learned Rudy left because of issues with his spinal disease, which is an update to the original article above. SNARR lavished Rudy with all the attention he could muster before leaving with his foster family. I'm glad Rudy had a loving environment to spend his final months in.

Visit SNARR's Facebook page to keep up with the fantastic rescue work they do.

To honor this brave, devoted dog, please tell your friends Rudy's story!


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