Dog missing parts of brain is saved from being put down and is now the ‘happiest dog in the world’


Medically ill or disabled dogs frequently experience difficulties. Owners who do not want to take on the responsibility of caring for them frequently put them down or leave them abandoned.

A dog should be permitted to live and be loved just like any other dog, though, as long as they are not in pain. One disabled dog who received a second chance is not only doing well but is also the "happiest dog in the world!"

Moose, a dog with a fixed smile and a big underbite, was in a pet store in 2016 when a woman by the name of Jennifer Osborne entered.

She found that this was associated with Moose's congenital brain abnormality, which was evident by the fact that parts of his brain were missing.

According to Jennifer, Moose's nose was shoved into his skull at some point while he was still in the womb, which resulted in his underbite, crooked nose, misshapen skull, distorted brain, and eye abnormalities.

Instantly falling in love with the puppy, Jennifer was most worried that Moose would end up being put down owing to his health issues if he ended up in the wrong hands.

In order to give Moose a place to call home, she decided to adopt him herself.

With Moose's medical issues requiring a lot of attention, Jennifer realized the road ahead wouldn't be simple.

His convulsions, according to Jennifer, "affect the body and the brain and left him foaming at the mouth and his whole body twitching."

She had the dog get an MRI, which showed the full extent of his medical problems: he was missing parts of his brain, had a cyst where his sinuses and forehead should have been, and didn't have a forehead or sinuses.

The rest of his brain, according to Jennifer, is in good shape despite the fact that his front brain is crammed in. The condition Moose has is unique to dogs, according to his neurologist.

She learned that the dog would have seizures for the rest of his life, but they could be controlled with medication and wouldn't shorten his life.

Moose is a blessing in Jennifer's life, and she is ready to tackle any challenges that may arise. He is an upbeat and active dog despite everything.

We're quite lucky Moose survived, she told Metro, given everything that's happened to him. In every way, he is a marvel.

Moose appears appreciative of each day he has to live by wearing a broad smile on his face as he moves about.

Jennifer said, "He's fantastic and a blessing in my life. I'm glad he's my dog because he's the happiest dog I've ever met.

That Moose is doing well and living his best, happiest life makes us really happy. On Instagram, you can keep up with this happy puppy's travels!

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