A neglected dog in a garden is taken in by the police officer who saved her


In Bloomington, Indiana, a malnourished, hurt, and abandoned boxer-pit bull mix was found lying on the ground in a public park. When someone passing by spotted her, they immediately dialed the sheriff's department for help. The spectators experienced heartbreak.

The dog, which they named Daisy, was in the backseat of Jeff's car while his fiancée, Rosie Ahlberg, drove back to her house. The unfortunate canine was stranded as the neighborhood animal shelter was closed for the day. Her overnight accommodations were accepted by the pair.

Daisy was taken as soon as she could to the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control facility. After tending to some open wounds and cooling some burns, they determined that she had a ruptured ACL, a damaged meniscus, a luxating patella, and most likely years of emotional anguish. There have been four owners for Daisy, who is only a few years old, and they all found her.

The owner said that Daisy was abandoned because she had been struck by a car in April.

Ahlberg and Ripley saw this as their time to truly demonstrate their love for Daisy.

Ahlberg remarked that Jeff has a big heart for animals. Adding a new pet was a big step for the couple because they already had a rescue dog and two cats.

Upon observing how well-behaved she was around the other animals in their home, the couple couldn't help but adopt her. Ahlberg said, "We truly wanted to give this dog the chance to know love and what a wonderful home is.

Daisy adapted to her new environment without any trouble. Despite only being a few weeks old, she is accustomed to being petted, doesn't flinch at loud noises, and gets along well with the other animals.

She occupies less space in the bed, but she deserves it because she is such a good dog, according to Ahlberg.

Daisy's head is constantly plastered against the bedroom window when I leave for school in the morning, said Ahlberg. "I look up from my driveway. The few weeks it has taken Daisy to adjust to her new home have shown how much she loves her family.

Despite the fact that Daisy's condition is getting better, she still needs surgery to repair her wounds.


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