A father who initially opposed getting a dog now lovingly tucks the furry companion into bed every night.


Unconditional love for dogs is shared by the majority of humans, although some choose to avoid them for various reasons.Oliver is a stunning Golden Retriever puppy that Rachael Rodrigues acquired seven times prior. Thrilled and perplexed, she was also.

Although she was happy, she was unsure about how to handle him because she was aware of her parents' views on dogs. The love between Oliver and Rachael's father was the most lovely thing; their connection was so strong that they quickly developed a very special friendship.

Immediately, Dad fell in love. With Oliver in his arms, he was frequently spotted moving around the home. Dad slept on the floor with Oliver under a blanket that first week since we believed he had a stomachache and wasn't sleeping through the night. Dad massaged Oliver's stomach the entire time.

My parents were adamantly opposed to acquiring a dog because we had always had pussycats and they weren't ready to handle the extra work (training, walking, mending, etc.) that comes with owning a dog. Nevertheless, she made the decision to bring her new pet home, and she was pleasantly pleased by her parents' response.

Despite Rachael's assertion that it would never happen, her parents finally developed a deep affection for Oliver. However, her parents fell for Oliver's charms due to his charming address, and he soon joined the household. Since they first met, they have been coming thick and fast, with Oliver always being the one getting the special treatment. Oliver respects the way Rachael's father has treated him, despite his unwillingness to accept it, as if he were a member of the family.

Because Oliver's father loves him so much, he always wraps him in a mask to keep him warm when it's time for a sleep. Every time it's time for bed, this lovely image is displayed again, and despite its distrustfulness, it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful lookouts in the entire globe. Dad thought it would be wise to cover Oliver as he was dozing on Dad's pillow. Rachael's father has come with his putrid brat despite the fact that he had no desire for a dog and despite the fact that he wraps Oliver up like a huge kid.

Rachael now considers Oliver to be her favorite child, and Oliver shows no mistrust toward his mortal father while showing love.The loss of her companion dog upset her father deeply. Another decision he made was to keep a different beast inside the house.

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