A college student spends the entire night holding a dying sanctuary dog in her arms so that the dog would not pass away alone


However much we would like to, we are unable to save every dog. Upon meeting Watson, a dog, Janine Guido came across this. She is accountable for a big number of animals because she founded Speranza Animal Rescue.

In a Philadelphia park, Watson the pit bull was found by a college student wandering about on his own. When the student saw the dog, he immediately took him to an emergency clinic because the puppy was famished and covered in wounds. The vet explained to the pupils that Watson was in a dire situation. Time is running out for him because of the spread of his disease.

To get to the animal shelter, Watson took a walk from the vet's office. According to the staff, Watson could stay at the shelter as comfortably as possible.

Guido admitted to Dodo, "I just had a gut feeling the next day wasn't going to be nice. I'd rather not leave him behind. not at the moment he most needs me.

By gathering blankets and dog beds, she held him while attempting to comfort him. Watson was held by her as she stayed up all night talking to him.

He snored like a rock the entire night, cuddling up to me, according to Guido. I slept through crying and awoke.

Watson stopped consuming food and liquids the following morning and started circling. Guido understood he was going to pass away. She stood by his side during all of this tough time.

Soon later, Watson passed away, but not before experiencing love for the first time in his life.

Guido commented, "I'm grateful that I was able to hold him on his last night." I expressed to him my affection for him and how valuable I thought his life was.I'm brokenhearted, but I won't do anything differently.


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