20-Year-Old Dog Still Loves To Snuggle Her Stuffed Banana


Even at the age of 20, Tessa still shows a great deal of concern for the people she cares about.

Even though the terrier mix loves her mother dearly, her toy banana still takes the cake. Even though all it is is padding and yellow cloth, Tessa feels a special connection to it, and she wants everyone else to feel the same way.

Five years ago, after a dog ruined Tessa's favorite toy, Tessa's mother Shanna Loren purchased the banana. According to Loren, who spoke to The Dodo, "I found it in a trash can at a pet store, but I knew it was the size of a toy she liked." "She grabbed the banana as soon as I handed it to her," I said.

Tessa now proudly displays her bananas when visitors arrive and demands that they give her precious possession proper respect.

Before she lays it down, she wants others to say something, according to Loren. She always places it in the bed that she deems to be the best when she sets it down.

When it comes to bananas, puppies are obstinate; don't let old age or hearing loss get in the way of their goal. In order for her to lay down, we told the visitors to say they had seen her eating bananas, said Loren. Our friends are hollering, "I love your bananas, Tessa!" at her now that she is deaf, which is amusing.

You can always go to bed with your favorite stuffed animal when you have Tessa.

According to Loren, "She never made it a 'toy'." Her life depends on it, and it's her sole modest possession.


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