Stray Pit Bull Sees Man Attacking Woman With Knife And Leaps In To Save Her


The rescue of a woman who was being attacked with a knife by a man is being hailed as a hero by a stray Pit Bull. The dog was skulking through Baldwin, Georgia, when he got in the way of a man and a woman's disagreement and was stabbed five times as a result. The dog was bleeding on the pavement when Officer Daniel Seeley and Sgt. Timothy Clay arrived.

According to Sgt. Clay's wife's YouCaring post, "While on duty, my husband and another officer responded to a domestic incident." The woman who called claimed that while she was arguing with the man, the dog attacked him in an effort to save her. Then the guy started stabbing the dog repeatedly.

The brave dog was taken to an animal hospital by the police once they realized they needed his help. According to Officer Clay, "I don't think we could have let that dog suffer and die," ABC7. We thought we should give the dog some assistance after what it had been through.

When the cops stepped in, the dog, now known as "Hero," was on the verge of death from blood loss, but because of their rapid response, the surgeons were able to save him. Hearing Hero's story, Carla Welch of Fighting For The Bullies volunteered to help the police.

She joined together with numerous other animal rescue organizations to help Hero and raise funds for his medical care (he was also found to have heart worms). Since the police were unable to keep the dog, Carla came to pick him up and take him back to her Tennessee home.

He seemed quite courageous and strong to me. According to Carla Welch, "He was a complete stranger to these people."

She characterizes the nice and laid-back 7-year-old Pit Bull as such. Since putting him up for adoption, she has been inundated with inquiries. On Facebook, she exclaims, "OMG!" Inquiries and applications are flooding our Hero Inbox. "I am so emotional right now!"

Hero has unquestionably secured a better future due to his bravery! Wishing Hero the home he deserves for all time!

Sara and David Simpson, who took the brave dog into their Tennessee home where he gets along well with their two other dogs, have welcomed Hero home after putting him up for adoption for a number of months.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have this child as a member of our family. On Facebook, Sara Simpson wrote, "Adjustments are going well.

Despite the fact that Hero appears to have lived most of his life on the streets, Sara told WATE News that she is thrilled to provide Hero with a home. She continued, "I'm very happy to offer someone a house who has never had one. Because dogs are more than simply pets to me, I say "someone." To you, they resemble family and are actual people.


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