Emaciated Little Body Covered in Mange, She Was Shivering While Crawled Along The Ground


This is Ayla; she was 2.5 months old when Krista discovered her, and we can't even begin to imagine the pain she was going through: malnutrition, mange, shivering while crawling on the ground...

The veterinarian was taken by Krista. A clinic examination revealed that Ayla's overall health is pretty poor. Undoubtedly, she consumed the stone. Ayla had to crawl across the ground, which resulted in significant abrasion and long-term damage to her body. This is another indication that she was calcium-deficient, which caused deformity in both of her front legs.

In the hospital where Ayla is presently being treated, every effort is being made to help her recover. In spite of the fact that she is now safe with Little Steps, recovery could take up to three months with careful attention.

Thankfully, X-rays showed that Ayla had no broken bones, thus her chances of walking normally again are improved.

On top of eating, Ayla was also taken outside for a sunbath. Despite continuing to scratch from the mange, she is happier now. The best patient is undoubtedly Ayla.

The following morning, Ayla was taken for the blood test. Mange and a lack of nutrients were the only serious issues, which is a blessing. Along with a bandage to help with her abnormalities, Ayla was also given a calcium supplement.

"It brings such joy to my heart to see our little sweetie spending quality time with Ayla, the cutest puppy on the globe. To be able to play like a puppy again, she appeared to be ecstatic and happy.

She is smitten with her tiny ball. She needs a new toy to help her learn to walk.

Nearly one week must pass while Ayla is wearing the bandage.

Together, let's fight, Ayla. We'll be here for you constantly, and we're hoping that word of your tale will spread quickly.


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