Death Row Dog ‘Freaks Out’ When He Realizes He’s Being Adopted Into a New Loving Family


Sometimes a puppy's long and uncomfortable days take precedence over the ones spent at a shelter. These are necessary duties, but nothing compares to the value of love and compassion. Not to mention their horrible fate if they are not adopted into a family.

High-kill operations are plagued by this issue far too frequently. So what occurs when a dog from a shelter is adopted by a household despite being undesirable and learns that its life is about to be completely turned upside down?

Although adoption's effects have been extensively discussed, nothing compares to seeing it yourself. Benny, a sweet and peaceful shelter dog, was adopted from Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, which has a high kill rate. Prior to being adopted, Benny was essentially on death row. What was his response, then?

At first, Benny seemed overjoyed to the point of bursting. He is sitting as still as he can while looking around to determine whether this is his family, trying to keep it together. On the inside, however, you can see he is afraid. Is this all there is? Are they mine? Are they mine? This is how I envision the discussion progressing.

He is making a lot of effort to maintain his composure. The sight of his excitement nearly brought me to tears. When Benny finally meets his new family, the red leash of a happily ever after is offered, and he immediately bursts into tears of pleasure. His new family immediately accepts him, leading him to their automobile.

Visit a nearby animal shelter to find out more about adopting a pet like Benny or to discover other ways you can help. Permanent homes are needed for many animals!

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