A Special Puppy Took it upon himself to befriend A Lonely Widow


Who is cuter in this couple, 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody? Regardless, they look good together.

Sally, 93, who lost her husband in 1990, has spent the last 15 years residing next to Dave Mazarella in Mount Vernon, Washington. She has known all of his dogs, but never felt quite the same bond with one as she has with Brody, Mazarella's one-year-old Saint Bernard.

Sally was quick to inform TODAY that Brody, who has a very popular Instagram account, had already paid her a visit before noon.

She said, "He was here already this morning, he came over with Dave." Oh, he's such a sweetheart! For breakfast, I gave him a slice of toast.

Brody sees Sally several times a day, and it's safe to say that they make each other's lives better.

Brody would stray over to her residence, said Mazarella. She then began providing him with snacks.

The rest, as they say, is history. At each other's sides, the couple now strolls to church, watches the news, and picks up the day's newspaper.

Sally remarked, "He's so delighted the second he sees me. Dave claims that it's my voice that makes Brody really adore me.

She moved to Washington in 1952 but had grown up on her family's farm in Holland, where she had developed a love for animals.

Only one of Sally's four children actually lives close by. She stays in touch with them all frequently, and they all appreciate seeing Brody and her together just as much as the rest of us do.

Sally believes that her positive nature may very well be the reason why she has lived such a long, full life. This dynamic duo undoubtedly has a knack of making us smile.

"I was the first born, and my dad always said I was a joy from the day I was born," she continued. I've experienced a few setbacks, but I quickly recover.


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