A retired police dog sheds tears of joy when he reunites with his former handler, expressing deep emotional connection and happiness


The heartbreaking tale in this book will definitely have you reaching for some Kleenex. Reuniting a retired police canine with his previous handler was an emotional experience.

In Xichuan, Henan Province, central China, a security checkpoint employs an eight-year-old German shepherd named Wang Wang as a sniffer dog.

After retiring in June 2019 and locating a lifelong residence to spend the rest of his life, he will part ways with his agency.

Last month, while on patrol close to Matan Wangwang's home, his former boss, a police officer, decided to surprise the canine buddy by paying him a visit.

Recently, a video of police speaking with Wang Wang outside his home was broadcast on the Xichuan police Douyin account, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Wang Wang hurriedly exited the building after hearing the previous agent's call and jumped into his arms.

By his old owner's side, Wang Wang licked his legs, wept, and remained.

Wang Wang stayed behind his manager the whole time as the patrol made their way back to their car, and wouldn't let them go.

The message stated that despite having grey hair, Wang Wang was still large and chubby. Exchanging goodbyes with friends is never easy.

As they saw the loving reunion of the dedicated canine and the dog trainer, internet users' hearts warmed.

One user wrote, "Dogs are loyal friends, treat them nicely."

The second person added, "You can tell Wangwang misses his handler.

Some people who saw the passionate reunion are baffled as to why Wang Wang and his agent aren't allowed to get together.

However, our officers are unable to spend their time playing or exercising with retired dogs, according to Xichuan police. "Police dogs are typically well-fed at the training center," they responded.

"At home instead of a training facility, they'll receive better care."

The heartwarming reunion can be seen here:


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