Repeatedly abandoned due to its disfigurement, a dog finally finds hope when a woman recognizes and appreciates its true beauty


Beauty has little to do with one's physical attributes. We all essentially look the same when we are turned inside out. What matters most is our inner beauty.

But there were certain people in Lucky's life who couldn't see past the surface. And that was an outrage!

Lucky was born with a severe facial deformity. He was born in a puppy factory and then turned over to a shelter. It was challenging to locate a place for him to live. People stared at him and gasped at what they saw.

Although Lucky was eventually adopted, he was mistreated horribly by each household as he was tossed about from one to the next. His first home in Austin kept him outside all the time since he didn't get along with their animals. Lucky was shackled to a tree.

He lacked a secure place to sleep and eat. He was disregarded and disregarded. Lucky never received the affection he so clearly deserved.

The family decided to give Lucky up before they moved. Even bringing him along was not something they wanted to do. Lucky was obviously NOT a part of the family.

After being adopted once more, Lucky's new family quickly abandoned him as well. The unfortunate canine with the moniker Lucky was anything but lucky.

Then, a social media event altered everything! A volunteer at the shelter brought Lucky to the groomer. A friend of the volunteer named Jamie Hult saw the images the volunteer had put online of a beautifully groomed Lucky. She was eager to see Lucky right away! She even desired to adopt Lucky right away!

It just so happened to be someone from my dog rescue network, so I contacted him right away and expressed my desire for the puppy. Jamie stated to iHeartdogs, "I don't want to foster it; I want to adopt that dog."

Unfortunately, Lucky was in poor health and needed extensive veterinary care. He was infected with heartworms and fleas. Additionally, he was underweight. Jamie, on the other hand, didn't seem concerned. She would not hesitate to open her wallet—or her heart—to get him.

Lucky had a long path ahead of him, but with wonderful medical care, he made a full recovery!

Along with his new surroundings, way of life, and person came a new name. Toxic Tox

He obviously requires botox, which is acceptable, which is why I gave him the moniker Beaux Tox. We respect beauty in all of its forms. The cost of owning a dog prevents me from getting botox.

Jamie possesses just the attitude and mindset Beaux needs! Don't you think so?

They have been happily married for a full year. Beaux is now a young, robust man leading a pleasant life. No more days spent chained to trees, lonely nights spent in shelters, or comments made because of his appearance—only LOVE for this adorable puppy!


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