Dog Hit By Car While In Labor, Gives Birth To ‘One Heck Of A Miracle’


Creation of new life in this planet requires a miracle. especially when the odds are stacked against the pregnant woman.

Living example of how challenging it may be to be a mother can be found in this stray small dog. He shared his moving tale with Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue.

In the middle of the street, the defenseless Chihuahua was struck by a fast car. She had suffered a lifelong injury to her left rear leg. During the crash, she was expecting a child. She then started to leak...

She went into shock when she realized that her unborn child would be too big for the hurt tiny dog to give birth naturally. She luckily ended up at Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue, a group that rescues animals.

The chihuahua had to have its fractured limb amputated after the youngster was delivered by caesarean section. Both the new mother and the family were saved.

They're mini miracles, I tell you! posted on Facebook about Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue.

She was homeless, hit, gave birth to an obese puppy, had a C-section, and was shocked to have her leg removed! This chihuahua puppy grew up to be a real warrior.

Xena has found her forever home more than four months after they first met! She has had a remarkable trip and shown herself to be a formidable opponent. All the happiness in the world is our desire for this amazing fighter dog and her new family.


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