Stray Dog Stuck Under Gate Cries in Pain Until Losing Consciousness


A puppy litter was saved from certain death after it was discovered abandoned and trapped beneath an iron fence in a wooded area next to a private property.

The small dog was discovered by a Good Samaritan squashed beneath an iron fence, starving and dehydrated. His severe mange, a parasite skin ailment, and malnutrition both affected him.

He drove the little puppy to a neighboring vet clinic, where he received first aid and food as animal lovers work to help the dog fully recover.

The dog only required a healthy diet, a caring owner, and a loving environment to recover from his minor injuries, according to the veterinarian.

The guy who saved him made the decision to adopt him, and because he already had another puppy, the sad puppy found the ideal home he had been searching for: a devoted owner and lovely company.

We wish him the very best and are appreciative to this kind man for rescuing and adopting such a lovely personality.


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