Man carries his paraplegic puppy in his arms to enjoy the rain: “He still loves it”

 Agea Santos promised to stand by his animal friend Alvin no matter what. Alvin can no longer stand as tall as he once could due to his stroke. Agea Santos promised him, "My furry child, I'll take care of you until the very end."

Being responsible for a pet is a huge responsibility because it is a live being that, like a child, will be entirely dependent on your care. It's crucial to realize that having a furry buddy at home will bring both happy and sad moments, but being by your pet's side constantly is what matters most.

When a pet's body no longer functions as it once did, knowledgeable pet caregivers will take all necessary steps to ensure that their companion continues to enjoy life. Agea Santos from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, frets that she won't be able to carry on with her regular life if her puppy suffers a stroke, so she takes that action.

His dog, Alvin, adored running in the rain and playing in the water. Santos supports the pillow in his arms so that, despite his immobility and difficulty standing, he may still enjoy the sensation of water pouring over him.

In a clip he posted to Instagram, the dog accidentally drops to the ground while out for a stroll, but his owner quickly runs over to pick him up and lift him up so he can take in the rain.

He still likes to swim and run in the rain. After everything that had occurred, she want to relive a nice memory. I will watch after you to the very end, tiny hairy boy. Santos concluded the story by saying, "I'm appreciative of my wife Ray for taking such good care of him.

A another video shows the dog running around in the rain while still reflecting for all pet owners.

Take advantage of your fluffy companion while he's still young and healthy since he recovers too soon. He claimed that the video was shot two years ago, just after the man had a stroke, and that since then, he has aged and is no longer able to walk properly.

After having a stroke that left him unable to move or see on his left side, he is gradually regaining how to walk. According to Santos, he was receiving physiotherapy from one physician and acupuncture from a different, and he plans to begin treatment once more soon because it is so beneficial to his recuperation.


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