Heartbreaking: Scared and completely shut down puppy being returned to shelter by foster home

The possibility of restoring an 11-month-old puppy's faith in people is quickly dwindling at the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. Scarlett's foster parents intervened two weeks ago to save the puppy from death, but they have since admitted that they lack experience handling a dog that is so terrified and shut down.

On May 10, 2023, Scarlet came to the shelter as a stray. She was a Labrador retriever mix and weighed 45 pounds. She initially cowered in a corner, refused rewards, and trembled and flinched anytime someone approached her.

The puppy was supposed to be put to death on May 15, but a BARC foster stepped up and saved her just in time.

She has since come back. Scarlet isn't to blame; at this point in time, she has no idea that others might be friendly. It's important to have a foster parent with foster child experience who is knowledgeable on how to take care of canines like Scarlett.

Please share information about her predicament with any authorized rescue organizations, friends, family, and social media contacts. Saving lives by sharing.

Fostering for adoption locally: Reference #A1878257


BARC.Aid@houtontx.gov for rescues

In Houston, Texas 77026, at 3200 Carr Street, lies the BARC Animal Shelter.


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