‘Fighting Bait’ Dog Who Lost Half Her Face Is Unrecognizable After Finding A Loving Home


After being adopted, a dog that had been "used as bait" in dog fighting and had lost half her face has learned what true love is all about. Haddie, who was brutally mauled by fighting dogs in an illegal operation, is now unrecognizably changed.

She needed a considerable chunk of her skin removed because it was "rotting" and peeling off, leaving her with just one eye.

Her unusual appearance drew the attention of Erin Williams, 36, and the two are now content and secure in Washington, D.C.

Haddie is now completely at ease playing in her local park after overcoming her fear of other dogs.

Erin told The Mirror, "It thrills my heart to know that she's truly a dog's dog."

In August 2020, Erin found Haddie on the internet pet directory petfinder.com and was smitten.

One nice stranger took Haddie to Mutt Scouts in South California after saving her from a dogfighting ring.

Even though the two-year-old puppy was badly injured all over, his face was the most severe. Her injuries and behavior, according to a veterinarian, were brought on by her work as a "bait dog."

We don't know much about her personal experiences in that realm, but it's plausible that the dog fighters forced their "fighting dogs" to repeatedly attack her in order to "train," Erin continued.

Every dog is a victim in these situations.

Mutt Scouts paired them up and revolutionized Erin and Haddie's lives, making them inseparable.

Erin made up Haddie's birthday based on Dolly Parton's birthday, January 19, as she was unaware of the real Haddie's birthday.

Haddie was initially described by Erin as "kind and silly," but she was terrified of other dogs. She started to shudder severely when she heard a dog bark or saw another dog. Haddie's ingrained anxieties were overcome with the help of a dog trainer, who Erin enlisted.

We would introduce her to a dog across the park and offer her hot dogs, she said. Then, as we drew nearer, she eventually connected the dogs with safety and teats.

I believe her charisma ultimately made it possible. She undoubtedly helped the situation with her brains and tenacity.

Haddie now enjoys playing fetch with other dogs in the park near her home, and when she's excited to go outside, she does a "funny little hop."

The narrator goes on to say that "she's a social butterfly." She enjoys interacting with people and anticipates being petted, according to Erin.

Haddie looks slightly different from other dogs but generally is just like any other dog, with the exception of having to apply pharmaceutical sunscreen to her nose and scars every time she leaves the house.

Though Erin reports the comments aren't as unfavorable as she had anticipated, strangers inevitably notice and ask about the unusual dog.

The vast majority of people respond in a friendly and welcoming manner.It would be impossible for her to be anything other than excited about life, Erin said.

"We occasionally get a critical remark or a wary glance, but fortunately these are very few. Their loss is their own because they will never have known her.

The unique dog has also improved Erin's life by helping her deal with her sadness.

Erin stated, "Haddie is always there to remind me to go for a walk, and she's always up for a free afternoon nap."

Erin created Haddie's accounts on Instagram and TikTok, and she credits her followers for showing her just how "unbelievably nice the world can be."

Erin noted, "I'm happy to say that the people I meet there are kind and considerate.


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