We broke down in tears he look bent in half, what he was going through?


The motivation behind someone wanting to harm an innocent animal without cause is tough to comprehend for dog lovers. There are those who act cruelly for no discernible reason. Spencer's terrible tale is told in our book. During his first year on the earth, he was subjected to a great deal of cruelty.

Having been struck by a car, Spencer, a friendly Doberman, was found abandoned on a South Carolina highway. He was seen searching the side of the road seeking roadkill to eat.

Spencer was fortunately picked up by some kind people and brought to Paws & Claws in Columbia, South Carolina. The personnel of the vet could see Spencer's parts without a doubt. The car accident, which most likely contributed to his back fracture, happened to him.

His poor ear crop, which was obviously done at home, was also visible to the staff. Additionally, x-rays were performed on him, and they showed that his stomach was home to a collection of razor-sharp bird bones. His gut was going to split in two because to this! In addition, he had to have his head and legs stitched up from gashes!

Spencer had obviously been mistreated, and he had either managed to flee or had been abandoned on the street, where he had to fend for himself and make an effort to survive. They uncovered some exciting information with the assistance of the VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina. Because of Spencer's small size, everything would be fine. Even after surgery, doctors thought that he would be able to walk once again because he could still feel his legs!

He was on his way to relearning how to walk, fortunately, after his back surgery went smoothly. The vets also found that his stomach's bones were beginning to pass normally on their own. The direction of everything seemed to be correct.

The compassionate staff members and physical therapy are currently assisting him in recovering. Breakneck speed is what he's moving at. In no time at all, he was able to walk without the aid of a sling after starting to walk with full assistance. Now that he can stand by himself, he is back to his former self. He is a wonderful dog who is young, jovial, and in general good health. His desire for a wonderful existence is strong.

A permanent home has been found for Spencer.

It's hardly shocking that this courageous dog found his ideal home, complete with canine siblings! Follow him on Facebook if you want to avoid his parents checking it.


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