The Most Wonderful Gesture By A Sweet Abandoned Poodle Brought Tears To Her Rescuer´s Eyes


On the streets of South Los Angeles, a small homeless Poodle has been spotted cuddling up behind a wall for a few days. The dog had been suffering for hours after being hurt in a hit-and-run incident. Finally, someone dialed "Rescue From The Hart" to try to save the poor creature.

When rescuer Annie Hart came, the dog that was lying on the ground seemed to be trembling and exposed, leading Hart to give the dog the name Layla. Due to her social anxiety, Layla initially reacted negatively when Hart spoke to her, but after a few minutes, she warmed up to her new friend.

Layla was reassured that she was safe by Annie as she was held in her arms. When Layla was satisfied of Annie's honesty, she leaped into her arms and kissed her.

The hospital informed Annie that Layla was in critical condition because her intestines had been injured. Layla's body exhibited no indications of recovery over the following two weeks. However, because to Annie's calming influence and her new foster parents, Layla was able to recover.

Over the ensuing months, Layla struggled to recuperate, but she was motivated to keep trying by her foster parents. When Layla recovered and eventually found a fantastic permanent home, Annie and the foster family were overcome with emotion! What an amazing improvement!

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