Rescuers find abandoned hunting dog rotting alive in field and become determined to save her

 Given that dogs are innocent creatures, it hurts a lot to find them in difficulties. Despite having done nothing wrong, they are in a terrible situation.

A dog that the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Karditsa, Greece, discovered wandering across the countryside experienced the same thing.

The dog was not in good shape at the moment. The fact that the members were eager to assist her and provide the support she required was fortunate.

Injured severely, the dog was discovered in a field. The workers at the rescue received a call from the townspeople, who then hurried to help the dog.

Lydia the dog was by herself in the field when rescuers showed up. She needed medical care straight away because she was quite fragile and had a huge, infected wound on her back.

Lydia was taken carefully to a medical facility close by. They lifted her up, took her out of the section. To avoid injuring her more, they moved slowly.

They made the decision to immediately take her to the doctor. So, Lydia was prepared to embark on the journey. She was put in a cage in the truck's rear and wrapped in a blanket.

While receiving treatment for her injuries, she needed to be kept safe. Finally, the veterinarian was contacted. Lydia jumped free when they unlocked her cage. She was pleased despite her wounds. After being inspected on a table, she walked with a limp.

A closer look revealed that she had a smaller wound where the shattered bone had been punched through in addition to the larger one on her neck and other injuries to her leg.

When Lydia received medical attention for her wounds, she gradually got better. Although she still limped, she had made great strides and was much more energetic.

She was taken to her foster home to complete her rehabilitation before moving into a new family. Visit the DAR Animal Rescue page on Facebook to learn more about the group.

To find out more about Lydia's touching rescue and recuperation, watch the video down below!


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