Paralyzed 6-Year-Old Meets Her Future Golden Retriever Service Dog and Bonds with Pup Instantly

 For people in need, service dogs could literally change their lives. They can be trained to perform necessary tasks that their owner may not be able to complete themselves, in addition to providing the affection and company of a pet.

One 6-year-old girl recently met her future service puppy, and service dogs and their people have the most wonderful connections. and they rapidly grew close friends.

Memphis Rose, a wonderful six-year-old girl, recently experienced a terrible tragedy. On June 7, the girl was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident that killed her uncle.

Memphis survived, albeit with severe injuries. According to People, she injured her neck and spine, punctured a lung, and became immobile.

According to her mother Gayrene Meade, "Her spinal damage may not be repairable, and her odds of paralysis are substantial."

Memphis Rose has been recovering from surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has started to do so gradually.

One glimmer of light emerged from all the gloom in the form of a new friend:

Juliet, her prospective service dog, was introduced to her!

When Lori Griffith learned about Memphis Rose's story, she got in touch with Furry Friends, a nearby animal sanctuary. Lori Griffith is the creator of the Chasin a Dream Foundation, a nonprofit that helps kids with life-threatening illnesses.

They had been taking care of Juliet, a golden retriever puppy they had sent to be trained as a service dog for a soldier. Instead, it was decided that Juliet would be a great service dog for Memphis Rose.

The girl is not just a perfect candidate for a service animal, but she also enjoys dogs. She has always wished for a puppy and plans to study veterinary medicine when she grows up.

While Juliet still needs to go through some training, she was permitted to meet her potential owner for the first time and pay a visit to Memphis Rose in the hospital.

The two hit it off immediately after their wonderful meeting.

"She was so excited to meet Juliet that she smiled brighter than I had ever seen," Gayrene said. "Especially after learning that the sweet puppy was in training to be her service dog."

It was a lovely time for me after a challenging few weeks.

Summit Earhart, Juliet's trainer, claimed that Juliet "was born to be a service dog for Memphis Rose."

Memphis Rose and Juliet have spoken a few times since their first meeting and are eager to do so again, but Juliet is preoccupied with preparing for her work.

Once she has been approved as a service dog, she will be able to do things like turn on and off the lights, tuck Memphis into bed, and call her mother in case of an emergency.

We want to expose Juliet to as many things as we can since we can't possibly cover everything, Earhart said, according to People, so that whatever happens won't bother her.

"Memphis Rose is overjoyed that Juliet is doing well, and I consider myself quite fortunate to have been able to change this child's life," said Memphis Rose.

It's amazing how much of a difference a service animal can make in a person's life. Memphis Rose has been battling so much since the accident, and this smart puppy will make her life so much simpler.

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