Dog Shaking In The Rain And Abandoned Was Too Sad To Move


A puppy living in appalling conditions was discovered by Valinda Cortez as she was making her way to a store in North Carolina. This dog had been left behind and was drenched in rain, her face a picture of sorrow and surrender to life.

Valinda understood that for now, she needed to assist her. As she got out of the vehicle, she said, "My heart sank. This young child has spent a great deal of time outside in the rain and cold. She felt calm. This baby was obviously abandoned, as I could see.

The woman came up to the dog to gain her trust, wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm, and stayed by her side for more than an hour.

Valinda called her friend Sue Massi, who oversees the rescue of stray animals in the city, as soon as the puppy was fully prepared to be saved. In less than 20 minutes, Sue arrived and transported the dog to a shelter.

She had been let down by others, but Valinda firmly believed that by giving her food, a cozy blanket, and my love, she would come to value people again.

The dog, Cassie, is currently grinning broadly.

The best way to describe her is like this. as a result of I feel more inspired.


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