With Her Decaying Body, She Sat Alone At Landfill, Her Life Was Worse Than Death


A giant dog that was being confined at a waste and was reportedly weakening daily due to a lack of food and water was brought to Victor Larkhill's attention, along with his rescue squad.

His teeth were falling out of his mouth, and his body was strewn with bruises and wounds, giving the impression that he had given up. The decision was made by the rescuers to alter his life for good as a result.

Following the administration of food and water, Maya was taken to the vet, where Ehrlichia and anaplasma, two parasite and lice-related diseases, were found to be the cause of his conditions.

Slowly, as his treatment started, he recovered. He was adopted because his growth was so remarkable. An excellent conclusion!

You can see the video below.


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