This Kind Dog Visits An Elderly Woman Everyday To Inspire Her


Because they can relate to us and want to help us, dogs are a beautiful animal. This dog cheers up the elderly lady by stopping by every day.

Jade, an Australian Shepherd and Shiba Inu mix who weighs 35 pounds and is 1.5 years old, has been living a "second life" as a support dog, according to Heath, Jade's human companion who agreed to an interview with Bored Panda.

Heath said in a brief account on Reddit that his partner is in charge of a home healthcare facility, specifically in the r/Dogs section. (another excellent source of dopamine).

The protagonist of this tale is Jade, who has been "living a second life" and assisting a senior citizen at a crucial time. On Reddit, it just recently appeared online.

Jade and the woman were well-established acquaintances. Sadly, the woman's dog passed away on the day that her husband passed away. About this, she was really upset.

Jade might go to Heath's girlfriend's client's house with him, the man said. Given her advanced age and diminished health, Jade appears to be acting delicately on purpose. She eats dinner with Jade, according to Heath's article.

Due to the two of them getting along so well, Mrs. Riddle also gifted Jade a "mountain of toys." Because of this, Jade always jumps, shrieks, and runs away anytime Heath or his colleague asks her whether she wants to go to Mrs. Riddle's.

The buyer said her life now had meaning, according to Heath. Jade visits Mrs. Riddle's residence while I'm at work. She may be reached 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Jade seems to be working at this full-time! And it's wonderful to consider that Jade consciously developed into a therapy dog for a person who has gone through a great deal of grief.

Since Heath enjoys writing and talking about Jade in general, he said, he got the idea to share this narrative. He felt that this would be both educational and enjoyable for the cute puppy enthusiasts on Reddit.

Since she was only 8 weeks old, Jade has been Heath's dog companion. He obtained her from a lady in Palmer, Alaska, hoping she would improve his mental state. Shiba Inu and American Eskimo dog hybrids make up Jade's mother, while an Australian shepherd is her father.

On her husband's death anniversary, Mrs. Riddle suffered the loss of her dog.

Jade and Mrs. Riddle instantly clicked after Heath proposed that his girlfriend bring her over to see her for assistance.

In an effort to "experiment with frugality and adventure," the two are currently boondocking in a sleeper he built for his vehicle.

Jade is a darling, but she is also fiercely loyal to our pack and fiercely protective of me and anyone she views as her close friends. She has a lot of cuddliness. Heath described Jade's dogmatism as "she's cuddling into my side as I'm writing this." Caninality? Dogsona? The decision is made by you.

Her love of jogging should not come as a surprise given that she is a half-Eskimo dog. She often pulls him on his skateboard down Anchorage's Coastal Trail while he is attached to a leash, according to Heath.

Since Mrs. Riddle is so important to Jade, she spends a lot of time with her.

She enjoys fetch games. For her first birthday, I gave her a whole bunch of racquetballs that I had bought—about 60 of them. As the balls swung about, she went utterly mad!

She's a trained dog like Heath. Her obsession with beef liver snacks began when she first discovered them. Let's go back to the narrative, though. Heath reaffirmed that Mrs. Riddle was not her true name and that she had been a Texas teacher in the past in the comments section. Everyone expressed appreciation for Jade and her tale in the comments section.

To aid with his mental health, Heath adopted her when she was an 8-week-old puppy.

The audience thought it was fantastic that Heath and his girlfriend are helping those in need and spreading joy via dogs just by being decent people. Dogs also seem to have a sixth instinct when it comes to identifying people who need help.

One commenter asserted that only unconditional love is understandable to dogs. We are appreciative of it even though we don't fully deserve it. Others applauded Heath for being kind enough to let Mrs. Riddle spend the day with Jade. For Jade, everything appeared to be going according to plan.

Jade, who is 1.5 years old, loves to play with balls, bounce around, eat goodies made of cow liver, and of course, spend time with Mrs. Riddle. Due to Jade's approval, it appears to have been a success overall.

What a cute dog, Jade is wonderful, and we wish her the best!

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