Puppy who had been waiting for a home for 500 days jumps with excitement when he meets his new owner


It's very likely that the management will ultimately decide to put a dog's life to end if it spends a long of time in a shelter. This conclusion won't, however, be accepted by everyone involved.

It is vital to tell this kind of story because of the institutions' transparency and the instability of their financial situation.

The dog, known only as Alexander, was one of 50 animals that these experts were able to save in a surgery. The task of keeping them is difficult, despite the fact that they were all rescued from their appalling environments and brought to their refuge for treatment.

Alexander stood out from the rest of the survivors due to his exceptional tenderness and unrelenting need for love. Nevertheless, nobody who came to the shelter seemed to recognize it, so time started to pass and the poor dog was forgotten for a while.

Chloe Esperiquette, development manager for Wags and Walks, said, "Seeing the wonderful Alexander sit and wait for that period of time through no fault of his own has been incredibly (tough) for all of us here at Wags."

A young couple saw Alexander 15 months later and fell in love with him right away, choosing to accept him into their house. This transformed Alexander's life forever. Despite overcast sky, there is always reason for hope.

Our little one stepped out for an adoption trial with a great family after 477 days of patiently waiting for a home thanks to this community and their support, and we are overjoyed to share the news! From the beginning, they reported that Alexander was headed for a happily ever after.


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