Puppy Living In Bird Cage Gets Loving Family


A small puppy was reported to be residing in a bird cage in someone's yard to the dog shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia. The one-month-old dog and a filthy water bowl were placed inside the bird cage, which was outside.

The moment the dog saw her rescuers, she started to cry and wag her tail.

Milan, a representative of the Dog Rescue Shelter, knocked on the puppy's door to speak with the owners, but no one responded. Milan shook his head in shock that the puppy was being kept in such a cage, without any protection, and outside in the weather.

The puppy's suffering was intolerable, so he removed her from her cage and brought her back to his shelter.

When "Mini" was healthy enough, she was adopted by a beautiful family of three girls who treat her like a canine princess.

(It should be mentioned that we are unaware of the exact circumstances behind the puppy's relocation from her previous residence. According to reports, the people who phoned the animal shelter were the neighbors.

The removal of the puppy may have already been reported to animal control officials, but it's not clear whether they were informed prior to the video being made or whether the homeowners were informed beforehand or afterwards. Dog Rescue Shelter, one of Serbia's few nonprofit no-kill animal shelters, has been operating in the nation since 2007.


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