Puppy Keeps Getting Returned To The Shelter So Determined Man Takes Him In To Figure Out Why


One man decided to find out why an adorable puppy kept being returned by adopters. After bringing the dog home, his initial plans to assist in the canine's adoption-related preparations were altered.

The dogs Abe and Abbi, who are siblings, were relocated from Puerto Rico to New York in order to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

As soon as Abbi was available for adoption, Abe was left at the shelter by himself. The animal shelter's employees anticipated that the dog would be adopted quite quickly. According to senior editor John Handem Piette of The Dodo, this is what happened when a coworker chose to adopt the puppy.

Abe was adopted, and they were overjoyed, but it didn't take long for Abe to be returned to the shelter! Abe is a very likable and outgoing dog, and the other dogs at the shelter were ecstatic to see him when he returned. The workers were left wondering why Abe couldn't be adopted because of this. After two weeks, Abe was also adopted, but less than a month later, he was sent back for a second time!

In order to give Abe a fresh start, John and his girlfriend decided to adopt him and change his name to Bean at that point. No matter what it takes, the couple will get Bean to stay with them. According to John, the dog was twice brought back to the shelter because he was such a constant wreck!

The dog tore a shoe and his dog bed as soon as he arrived at John's house, yanked on the leash, and chased birds. In order to test if they might alter Bean's behavior, the pair chose to be extremely patient.

The couple chose to move Bean to John's parents' house when the coronavirus broke out; this was a crucial decision because Bean was then permitted to use the family's pool and experienced snow for the first time. As Bean began playing with Tigger and running around everywhere, having two cats, Simba and Tigger, helped to control his energy.

Although everyone else did, Simba did not warm up to Bean as much. Each and every person benefited from Bean's arrival in John's parents' home. Finally, he began to establish himself in a permanent residence. The couple consequently opted to keep the dog as a permanent adoption. That was a lovely ending! Look at the video below.

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