Neighbors Spot Dog Freezing In Snow, Rush To Help Then Finds Him Protecting Little Boy

The remarkable qualities of dogs are well known. Not only do they always be with us, but they also help us when we need them. The incredible account of a dog saving a youngster from freezing to death is one compelling example of this.

The incident occurred in Siberia, a part of Russia with one of the world's harshest climates. The mother of a two-year-old boy abandoned him in the freezing rain outside!

A child would almost certainly die during such weather, but this young youngster somehow survived while being planted by his dog breed and wrapped around his body to keep warm. The dog never lets on hat he is only thinking about utilizing his fur to keep warm.

When other neighbors observed the dog and went to check on the boy, they were able to help the boy survive for two days. The fact that a young youngster was actually sleeping beneath the dog caught them off guard.

Despite the boy's severe hypothermia, they both made it out alive, and the dog's bravery allowed him to recover. After finally finding the boy's mother, she was charged with child negligence.


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