Icy rain, a leaky booth and a puppy on a chain

 From the window of her car, the woman observed this dog being bound by a chain. The raindrops transformed into ice even before they reached the ground due to the frost as it was raining outside. Only as the woman approached did she realize why the infant was acting in this way—it made no attempt to hide within the booth.

 The woman observed this puppy chained up outside her car through the window. The raindrops were frozen before they reached the ground since it was pouring outside and there was frost on everything. It wasn't until the mother got closer that she recognized what was happening because the baby didn't even try to hide in the booth. The booth just refused to let the puppy in because a giant dog was sprawled out inside.

The puppy was dangling from a chain, and there were bowls nearby. Nearby, a railway that had not been utilized in a very long time, as well as a gatehouse that had been abandoned. The puppy couldn't seem to defend anything in this situation. The baby had not received many feedings, based on the contents of the bowls. While the other was empty, the first contained some skeletal remains.

She started going by and feeding the dog on a regular basis. The mom remained with the baby until it finished eating everything since a pack of dogs nearby snatched the baby's food. Over several days, nobody came to the gatehouse. It soon became clear that the bystander who put the bones in the bowl was also the one who felt so bad for the baby.

The woman made sure to check on the dog each day and feed it. As a group of dogs waited for this opportunity, they made an attempt to take the baby's food, but the benefactor did not intervene until the puppy had consumed all of its portion.

Nobody was nearby throughout this time, there were no indications that someone was in the gatehouse, it was clear that no one was taking care of the dog, and the bones that the lady had seen on the day of their first meeting were being helped by kind bystanders.

Our search for a dog's new home was requested by a woman. We have a shelter in an apartment where cats and dogs live, but we could not find a place that would work.

In Yekaterinburg, we discovered the infant's closest short-term care facility. After the test results are in, the dog will be castrated, and adoption efforts will then start. The dog was taken to the veterinarian right away.

The canine showed to be quite affectionate. That such a cute animal was chained is hard to imagine. Thomas is the name of the infant, and it needs a family that will love and care for it. Thomas will fully repay you if you can give it a home and a family.


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