Family Dog Insists On Being Part Of Newborn Baby’s First Photoshoot-And The Pictures Are Adorable


Bentley Madsen was the couple's first child. Bentley, who joined their family in 2017, was a four-legged companion, not a human infant.

But because to the Washington, D.C., couple he was like a child, Tyler, their first child, sort of stole the show when he was born in February of last year. And amusingly, the dog insisted on taking part in the photo session when Brandon and Kelly decided it was time to document their newborn.

Five-year-old Bentley is a goldendoodle who is "goofy, quirky, smart, loyal, and loving," according to Kelly, who spoke to The Epoch Times. His complete inability to catch a ball is only one of the numerous characteristics that define him as distinctively Bentley.

However, after Tyler was born, they were wary of bringing their new baby to their playful fur child.

The mother explained, "We sent home from the hospital a blanket and hat that smelled like our son so Bentley would have a chance to get used to the aroma first. We allowed Bentley to greet and sniff Tyler while also caressing and loving him once we were released from the hospital two days later. And undoubtedly, there is where their friendship all started.

Bentley was initially quite interested in Tyler and would frequently approach him to give him a sniff when he cried. Because Bentley frequently detected Tyler's distress before they even heard it, the couple referred to him as their "baby monitor."

once that, Bentley was usually nearby when Tyler rested or played with his parents, and their friendship grew even closer—especially once Tyler subsequently discovered how to throw food scraps for Bentley.

We were aware that we wanted to take photos to remember the newborn stage, said Kelly. However, when everything was ready to go, darling Bentley wouldn't be left waiting on the sidelines. They chose to shoot it at home to save money on the photographer.

"We prepared everything, put Tyler in his place, and then Bentley appeared!" Kelly reflected. He was Tyler's constant companion when he was a baby, and he is accustomed to being the center of attention and frequently having his picture taken.

Bentley had to either lay next to or rest his head on Tyler no matter where they put him. There is a "undeniable bond" between Bentley and their son, the mother claimed.

That photo shoot took place a year ago. In February of last year, Tyler turned one, and his parents had taken a year's worth of pictures of him, including one for his first birthday. But guess who else was standing next to Tyler? Absolutely, Bentley!

The mother revealed that "Bentley and Tyler's adventures have only just begun!" in regards to the developing connection between boy and dog. His first word will probably be "Bentley," she continued.


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