Black Labrador Born With A Cleft Lip And Palate Can Finally Play


In Alaska, USA, Felix, a cute black lab, resides. On the social networking site Imgur, where he has a large following of people who have followed his journey and enjoy seeing the handsome furry man develop, he is well-known.

Jamie, Felix's father, told Bored Panda that he had been looking after his son since he was 11 days old. I was the rescuer that the breeder called in after they saw that one of her litter's puppies was not growing and was dying due to severe cleft palate and cleft lip, and was unable to feed properly from her mother.

This hairy gentleman was difficult to remove.

Jamie continues, "At the time, he had aspiration pneumonia and wasn't going to live another 24 hours." Over the course of the following seven weeks, I fed him at home using a feeding tube. He received treatment from me for his pneumonia as well. He's a black lab dog, 14 months old.

Uncertain factors may be responsible for cleft lip and palate. The bad nutrition or prenatal exposure to particular substances, according to Jamie, can cause this aberration in both people and animals.

Felix is a fighter who doesn't allow his health issues get in the way of his enjoyment of life. Having his intestines on the other side of his body causes digesting issues for this Labrador, who also has one working eye and misaligned jaws. He also has one functional eyeball. A certain expression is on his face.

Due of the discord between his teeth, Jamie continued, "He can only eat canned food." In an effort to make him feel like a member of the gang, I occasionally give him hard food, but he doesn't enjoy it. He keeps him occupied, on the other hand.

This year in January, Felix underwent cleft lip and palate surgery. The dog, according to his owner, has both a hard and soft palate that are cleft in one place. He was able to use his own tissue to reconstruct his palate issues, which the veterinarian accomplished admirably.

Felix had trouble regularly consuming food and liquids before his operation. Every time he fed him, his father cleaned the food out of his cleft.

Jamie said, "He has developed a neurological tic that causes him to spin around and occasionally bark at the air, most likely caused by the dislocation of his skull. To see if they can benefit him, we are putting several novel drugs to the test.

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