Biker sees man beating dog on highway so he rescues the canine and makes him his new co-pilot

 The nicest aspect of this man's brave deed was that he offered the forlorn puppy another opportunity.

On Valentine's Day, biker Brandon Turnbow showed his love for the dog by putting everything on hold to spare it from being mistreated.

On his way to visit his father for a day of riding, Turnbow was traveling in Texas on his motorcycle along Highway 171.

Turnbow was traveling along the freeway when he witnessed a horrible man abusing a tiny Jack Russell. While still in shock, he made the hasty decision to express his thoughts to the man. Before he had a chance to react, the man flung the puppy on the curb and drove off.

Turnbow approached the shivering dog cautiously since he knew he couldn't leave him alone because he was hurt and afraid. However, he did not budge out of fear that the dog would dash into oncoming traffic.

Turnbow stated on Facebook, "I just fold my body over him to test whether he will bite or trust me. When he shook his body against me, I picked him up in my arms and sat him on the bike seat as I stood up. ” I questioned, "What now?"

While Turnbow was conscious of the urgency of the situation, he also wanted to avoid further frightening the dog. As a result, he started the motorcycle before continuing on his journey to assist the puppy get used to the vibrations. Turnbow put the tiny Jack Russell in his bag when it seemed to be at peace.

When he first noticed the dog's large eyes fixed on him, he fell in love.

I observed the dog being thrown into the air by the driver before he drove off in my rearview mirror. According to Brandon, who posted this on Facebook, "I chased him down just to give him the number one sign." Also, a warm welcome to my new copilot, Mr. DAVIDSON.

After his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Turnbow gave the dog the name Mr. Davidson and took him home that same day. Thankfully, Turnbow liked riding with Mr. Davidson on his motorcycle!

"I check back as much as I can to see if the dog was trying to move or not, and surprise, he liked riding... Since we only had 45 miles to travel to get to my house, Mr. Davidson was ecstatic. He was upset, I believe, because I occasionally obstructed his ability to breathe.

The 10-year-old dog adapted to his new environment without much difficulty and developed feelings for his new parent.

Like the dog, Mr. Davidson was smitten with Turnbow. Even a heartfelt song about the pup was written by him.

After being rescued two years ago, Mr. Davidson is still in love with Turnbow.

The two love relaxing by the fire after a hard day's labor!

Turnbow was fortunate to be at the right place at the right moment, which allowed him to save this small dog who was abandoned. That these two have connected is wonderful!

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