After hearing noises coming from the drain, a dog was rescued from an underground pipe


Being aware of your environment is sometimes necessary. Something strange or out of the ordinary that you observe might ultimately change your life. These employees at Boveney Lock in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, can attest to the fact that.

They were employed because the owner of a lost dog thought it might be underground. Since a dog can't really get under the ground, everyone assumed the owner was insane.

But picture yourself crossing a parking lot and hearing an odd noise coming from the ground. What would you ultimately do if your dog went missing?

These teams made the choice to begin digging.

To get to the underground pipe, they tore up every piece of earth and concrete.

To determine what was producing the noise, they had to cut a hole in the pipe once they arrived there.

Once inside, the worker found something he never anticipated.

Deep inside the underground conduit, a little, terrified Jack Russell Terrier was stranded. The dog was imprisoned inside the pipe for more than four days, which is even more incredible.

What a remarkable and brave story it was to free the dog from the pipe. I was not expecting them to discover a living animal inside, but I am so happy that this animal rescue had a successful outcome.

It has been demonstrated time and time again that dogs are man's best companion.

In a situation like this, if I heard a dog, I would do everything in my power to get it out. I have no doubt that the owner will never again let her small dog out of her sight.

So that this doesn't happen again, they must figure out how he got there and seal off the entry.


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